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  • Systeem administratiefrechtelijke proceskosten.
  • Overheidsaansprakelijkheid voor onrechtmatige rechtspraak in nationaal en Europees rechtelijk perspectief.
  • Is there a restriction on your (future) parcel?
  • The General Provisions of Environmental Law Act.
  • Criminal prosecution of a municipality.


  • The Legal Professions in the Netherlands.
  • Legal Services in Holland.
  • Law firm retention, fee agreements and fee collection practices in the Netherlands.
  • Once again a lawyer in the White House.
  • Unrestricted choice of attorney.

Business Law

  • Unfair trading now punished heavier through higher penalty maximum.
  • To join the Chinese market?
  • Lease of shares subject to annulment in case of lack of spouse’s / partner’s signature.


  • How to collect a money debt in the Netherlands.
  • Collection of receivables by way of injunction.

Consumer Law

  • Consumer Credit Act not applicable to Dexia –agreement.
  • Dutch Consumer Law.
  • Class Actions in the Netherlands.


  • Dutch BV incorporation procedure. 
  • Jordan’s International Corporate Procedures: Chapter the Netherlands.
  • Setting up and acquiring a business in the Netherlands.
  • Characteristics of Categories of shares (Dutch version).
  • Rights and liabilities of company directors and shareholders, aspects of piercing the corporate veil.
  • Business symbols and abbreviations and other business terminology in the Netherlands.
  • Summary of the Dutch Supreme Court’s ruling of 13 July 2007 in ABN AMRO cases.
  • Company statutes or trade register excerpts: what to rely on?
  • Legal Audit.
  • The Dutch Foundation (with emphasis on the Stak Foundation and with FAQ)

Employment Law

  • According to the Council of Ministers, adjustments in the current dismissal system are necessary.
  • Legislative Proposal regarding the maximum dismissal compensation of higher incomes: Lawyers’ Paradise?
  • The revised Cantonal Court Formula: Lawyers’ Paradise again?
  • Employers’ duty of care.


  • West European Oil Markets, with Special Reference to Rotterdam - Some Legal and Contractual Aspects.
  • Oil Distribution in the Netherlands, Proceedings of the Cambridge Seminar on Oil & Gas.
  • Dutch Government forces major oil industries to supply independent competitor.
  • Dutch Government uses Antitrust Powers in Oil Dispute.
  • Discrimination towards Retailers - What is their Reaction?

European Law

  • Reformation treaty instead of European Constitution- what will really change?

Financial Law

  • The duty of care of firms in the financial services sector.


  • Force Majeure and supervening circumstances, force majeure under Netherlands Law.
  • Some aspects of exporting to the Netherlands.
  • Retention of Title in the Netherlands.

Intellectual Property

  • No copyright for the popular Fatboy.

International Law

  • Internationaal bevoegdheidsrecht: rechtsmacht van de Nederlandse rechter in internationale gevallen.
  • International personal injury compensation.
  • The enforcement of foreign judgments in civil matters in the Netherlands.
  • Taking evidence abroad, some remarks on the 1970 Convention on taking evidence abroad.
  • New conflict law with regard to rights in rem law.

Litigation and Arbitration

  • Discovery of facts under Dutch trial law.
  • Civil litigation, arbitration and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.
  • International jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in the European Union.
  • NMI Mediation reglement.
  • Model Mediationovereenkomst.
  • Model Vaststellingsovereenkomst.
  • Gefinancierde rechtsbijstand c.q. een toevoeging.
  • EBB (European Payment Warrant)
  • The Mediation Directive.
  • Implementation of the European Mediation Directive.
  • Legislative proposal for amendment of the Judiciary (organisation) Act.
  • Commencing legal proceedings with DIGID.
  • Some remarks about the coming Netherlands Commercial Court by Hans J. Hoegen Dijkhof. 

Real Property

  •  IAG real property questionnaire


  • Fiscale gevolgen van de emigratie van een aanmerkelijk belanghouder naar België.
  • Tweerelaties en overdrachtsbelasting, successie-en schenkingsrecht.
  • A Dutch BV is still a very attractive International Planning Vehicle.
  • The practical use of BV’s in the Netherlands.
  • Law of 17 December 2003 on the supervision of Trust offices.
  • Latest important developments in Dutch corporate income tax.
  • Immigrating into Malta.
  • Het nieuwe belastingsysteem: een beknopte evaluatie.
  • Dutch Tax Revision 2001, or the Boxer Rebellion.
  • Changes in Netherlands ruling policy released.
  • WID (Identification Financial Services) – clause in confirmation of instructions.
  • A checklist under the Dutch WID (Law on the identification of clients).
  • New government policies for immigration and relocation to the Netherlands.
  • Dutch Corporate Income tax 2007 and 2008.
  • Proposed alterations Dutch Inheritance Tax.
  • Loss of deductible losses?
  • Child support is still tax deductible.
  • Employment for tax purposes is real employment.
  • The Dutch Foundation.
  • Dutch double taxation treaties and dutch bilateral investment protection treaties: a lucky combination indeed.
  • The Dutch Foundation, with FAQ.
  • Future of Dutch international tax planning
  • Some remarks about the Dutch tax ruling practice , overview, with complete English translations of relevant decrees and of standard APA and ATR contracts






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