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All our services and all complaints are exclusively governed by our Standard Terms and Conditions for HDBL services.
Without prejudice hereto, we apply the following Complaints procedure. 
We want you to be satisfied with our services. That is why we work continuously on the quality of those services. But occasionally things may turn out differently than expected. In that case we would like to hear from you.
If you have a question, complaint or suggestion relating to how we can further improve our services, we would be pleased to receive your valued feedback. We will listen to you and seek out an appropriate solution.
Your satisfaction: our task!
If you are not satisfied with our service, you can naturally bring this to our attention. We are ready to listen to your complaints and suggestions. We do not regard this as annoying. On the contrary, it is our task to ensure your satisfaction! It is always possible that a member of staff may not assist you in the manner you are entitled to expect. You may feel the information you receive on a service leaves something to be desired. Or it takes longer than you find acceptable to deal with something. We ask all our clients: please report your complaint to us, so that we can offer you an appropriate solution. That way we can ensure that everything will be to your satisfaction next time. Do you have any suggestions for improving our services? If so, we would like to hear from you. Although we cannot respond personally to all suggestions we receive, we do take them all into serious consideration.

ComplaintsThe sooner, the better..
Some complaints can be resolved fairly simply. If a complaint arose some time ago, it is more difficult to retrieve all the necessary information. So, if you have a complaint, please contact us as soon as possible. Moreover, you have 14 days from invoice date to submit any complaints to us about invoices you have received from us. You can pass your question, complaint of suggestion to us in three different ways:
1) By phone.
You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your question, complaint or suggestion on  +31 20 4624070  
2) By e-mail via 
Enter your particulars and describe your question, complaint or suggestion and submit it by e-mail. 
3) Personally.
You can discuss your question, complaint or suggestion with a member of staff at our offices or with your own personal contact. 

If your question, complaint or suggestion can be answered without additional investigation, you will be informed immediately of the outcome. If this is not possible, you will receive a message within five working days from your question, complaint or suggestion. This message consists of:

The answer or solution to your question, complaint or suggestion, 
A confirmation of receipt, including information on who is handling your message, what the file number is, what the expected processing completion date is and a phone number that you can call with additional questions or observations.
Not satisfied with the solution?
We endeavour to find the best solution for every complaint. The shortest and quickest way of resolving your complaint is via us.
The following regulation is applicable on complaints.

Article 1 Definitions

 In this office complaint regulation the following definitions are provided for:

-complaint: any written expression of dissatisfaction by or on behalf of the client against the adviser or persons working under his responsibility about the formation and execution of the agreement of assignment , the quality of the services or the amount of the invoice;

- complainant:  the client or his representative who makes known a complaint; complaints officer: the attorney in charge of dealing with the complain. 

Article 2 Scope

1. This office complaints regulation is applicable to any agreement of assignment between HDBL and the client.
2. Each adviser of HDBL is responsible for handling complaints in accordance with the office complaints regulation.

Article 3 Goals

This office complaints regulation has the following purpose: a. fixing a procedure for handling complaints from clients within a reasonable time in a constructive manner; b. fixing a procedure to determine the causes of client complaints; c. maintaining and improving existing relationships through good handling of complaints; d. training staff in client-focused responding complaints; e . improvement of the quality of services through complaints-handling and complaints- analysis.

Article 4 Information 
1. This office complaints regulation was made public. 
2. HDBL has included in its Standard Terms that this office complaints regulation is applicable to every assignment agreement between the client and HDBL.
3. Complaints pursuant to Article 1 of this office complaints regulation which are not resolved after handling shall be submitted for settlement through binding advice.

Article 5 Internal complaints procedure

1. If a client approaches the office with a complaint, the complaint will be forwarded to the director, Mr. Arnold C. Hoegen Dijkhof, who thus acts as a complaints officer.
2. The complaints officer informs the person who is complained about and offers the complainant and the person about whom the complaint is made, the opportunity to elucidate the complaint.
3. The person whom the complaint is about, shall try together with the client to reach a solution whether or not after the intervention of the complaints officer.
4. The complaints officer handles the complaint within four weeks of receipt of the complaint or informs the complainant of derogation from this period indicating the period in which an opinion on the complaint can be provided, stating the reasons thereof.
5. The complaints officer shall inform the complainant and the person whom the complaint is about in writing of the judgment on the merits of the complaint, whether or not accompanied by recommendations.
6. If the complaint is dealt with satisfactory, the complainant, the complaints officer and the person whom the complaint is about, shall sign the opinion on the merits of the complaint.

Article 6 Secrecy and free complaints handling

1. The complaints officer and the person whom the complaint is about shall observe secrecy during handling the complaint.
2. The complainant will not owe an indemnification for the costs of treatment of the complaint by HDBL.

Article 7 Responsibilities

1. The complaints officer is responsible for the timely handling of the complaint.
2. The person whom the complaint is about shall keep the complaints officer informed about a possible contact and a possible solution.
3. The complaints officer keeps the complainant informed about the handling of the complaint.
4. The complaints officer shall keep the complaint file up-to-date.

Article 8 Complaint registration

1. The complaints officer registers the complaint together with the complaint subject.
2. A complaint can be divided into several topics.
3. The complaints officer shall report regularly on the handling of complaints and makes recommendations to prevent new complaints and to improve procedures.
4. At least once a year, the reports and the recommendations will be discussed at the office and submitted for decision-making.
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the treatment of your complaint by HDBL, you can submit the issue for binding advice to:

Van Dort Advocatuur BV
Gooimeer 2-20
1411 DC Naarden
Postbus 5017
1410 AA Naarden
Tel: 035-6940402
Fax: 035-6942401
Non-corporate clients may instigate a civil law proceedings whitin one month from the date of issuing the opinion on the merits of the complaint by HDBL.



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