Business Development


Six factors are of prime importance when considering establishing a new business in Europe:

  • Competitive cost structure: we have it in Amsterdam
  • Attractive tax climate: we have it in Amsterdam. 
  • Strategic location with good connections: we have it in Amsterdam. 
  • Highly trained multi-lingual and flexible work force: we have it in Amsterdam. 
  • International business climate: we have it in Amsterdam. 
  • Just and predictable legislation: we have it in Amsterdam

But not only there but also in the rest of the Netherlands.

Hoegen Dijkhof have extensive experience with helping foreign companies or private clients to acquire or set up a Dutch business anywhere in the Netherlands and to start doing business in or through the Netherlands. We take care of it ourselves where permitted or provide you with suitable parties for 

·         International tax planning;

·         Formation of your BV, foundation or branch;

·          Possibly needed local directors;

·          Company secretarial services;

·          Accounting services;

·          Vat and corporate income tax returns;

·          Trade register formalities;

·          Banking services;

·          Standard terms of sale and delivery;

·          Leases;

·          Employment contracts;

·          Payroll administration, etc.

So that you can easily and quickly start and run your own Dutch business.

We also provide these services for other jurisdictions.

Ask us first.